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      We are a Women owned small makeup business located in the UK. Our dream is to provide inspiring makeup that is unique and empowers people to be confident & glow! Our focus is to help women feel more confident, vibrant & like a complete BEAUTY POWER. We hope we can bring some Glitter & Glow into any grey clouds the world throws your way!

      As a new company we promise that we'll continue to grow and provide amazing & unique products for our customers! We aim to provide AFFORDABLE, LUXURY & EXCLUSIVE Makeup Products that make you glitter & glow in your everyday life! 

      At BEAUTY POWER we in no way promote makeup as a way to feel beautiful but as a way to express who you are, to do you & BE YOU! Our makeup is for EVERYONE & ANYONE. ​Our main aim is to bring glitter & glow into our customers lives.

      We hope you enjoy our products and that we can leave a positive mark in your life as your personal glitter & glow makeup store. All our products come gift wrapped in beautiful tissue paper to make you smile!

      Our mission to promote REAL life, REAL Grinds, REAL struggles and everything REAL. So, shop with us, shop UNIQUE, be ORIGINAL & most importantly be a


      Our Motto here are at BEAUTY POWER:

      Be the Boss of YOUR own life. Don’t allow society or ANYONE, to tell YOU who you are. Define your own life. Take risks. Take chances. & Most importantly take a chance on yourself!

      Are you a small women owned business? Thinking of starting your own business? 

      Get in touch with us today by emailing support@beautypowershop.co.uk so we can help share your story, help to promote your brand and offer support in starting a business.