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      Introducing Our Sugar Power Palette ⚡

      Introducing Our Sugar Power Palette ⚡

      Introducing Our Sugar Power Palette ⚡

      Our Sugar Power palette has arrived! Our Sugar Power Palette combines highly pigmented satin pigments & easy to blend highlighting pigments to create one of our most favourite palettes ever created at #BEAUTYBOSS. 


      Our Sugar Power Palette is inspired by some of the strong women we here at BEAUTYBOSS have in our life. So many standards are inflicted upon Women through Social Media that it's time we started to embrace who we are, just AS we are. We are constantly fed this story of 'perfection' but it's time we realised how magical we are without needing to change any aspect of ourselves. We are made from Stardust & we have this intense power and desire within us and it's time we embrace this. We hope you LOVE our Sugar Power Palette and we hope it inspires you to live creativity and embrace the person that you truly are. 

      • 35 Beautiful Highly Pigmented Colours
      • Satin Glowing Pigments
      • Formulated for Easy Blending
      • Radiant Creamy Glitters
      • Bright Mattes & Shimmers
      • Only Mineral Ingredients
      • Vegan & Cruelty Free
      • By #BEAUTYBOSS