How To Find Your Vision

How To Find Your Vision


Todays post is centred around FINDING and DEFINING your life's vision.

To live a focused and fulfilling life, you need to identify what you truly want, what life means to you and what you want to be remembered for. Now what you truly want is something that can be difficult to uncover at first. This can be difficult because you may have been conditioned by others expectations of you your whole life. 

So now's the time to get real and define what YOU really want, not what you think you are supposed to want. Quit all the 'I should do this' ‘If I were a Good Person I'd want..’ rubbish and begin to actually define what makes YOU FEEL good and what you are truly passionate about. 


It is important to have a vision for your life because a vision sets our sub-conscious minds towards a destination & journey aligned with what we believe our true purpose is. It allows our life to gradually pull towards an outcome that we desire. With a vision we are more likely to succeed and achieve the life we want, than if we don’t have a vision or our vision is not clear. 

By setting and defining a vision for our life we sub-consciously allow our minds to direct us towards a focus. For example we begin to take more decisions and opportunities that are aligned with that vision intentionally and sub-consciously because we have more focus on creating our vision. 

Think of it as setting a clear pathway in your mind towards becoming your dream future self. You define the end solution to what you want to achieve, so your life automatically becomes more focused and centred on a specific outcome. 

Think of it this way, if you don’t define a vision for your life, external forces and situations as well as the people you associate with the most, will determine the path that you take. Ever heard the quote 'you can either program your mind or be programed?'. 

Without a clear vision you begin to become moulded by what is around you instead of focusing on creating your surroundings, you let it create you. 



So this is probably the most effective way at channeling what you want your life to be like from an objective standpoint. The whole point of the following exercise is to think about how you want the World to see you from your own perspective, no one elses. 

So one of the most effective but morbid ways to figure out what you want to do with your life, is to think about what you want people to say about you at your funeral. 

Here's some questions to get you thinking.  

  • Who were you?

  • What did you accomplish?

  • Why was your existence different to everyone elses?

  • What effect did you have on other people? 

  • How do those close to you view you as a person? 

  • How did you live?

  • Did you worry constantly or did you live free?

  • Don’t be afraid to be outlandish, everything is possible if you truly believe it’s so.

This exercise is also really good at helping you identify who you don’t want to be. It can help you analyse all the ways in which you aren’t aligned with your morals and values. 

After you've thought about your answer to the above questions. Write out the most important adjectives that you want people to describe you as a person. Then write out a brief little monologue as to what you want people to say about you. Don’t be afraid of this. It may be difficult if you are currently experiencing a lot of destructive thoughts or you feel very negative about yourself. But determine what you want people to think of you in the most positive way possible.  

For Example: Julie was a successful, kind & loving person who built an ever-lasting empire built on love and compassion 

Let’s Write your vision Statement

Now from the previous exercise, you should have worked your mind a little in helping you determine your life’s vision. For some, this can be the most difficult part. If you don't have anything yet, come back to it when you feel you are ready. 

Your vision statement will consist of an overall description of your ideal life, combined with a list of areas that matter most, and high-level goals for each area.

For Example: 

My life vision is to own a world changing business that promotes self-love and changes how people view themseleve's. I want to provide the best life for my family, be in the best health for myself and give love to everyone I meet. 

Let's begin crafting your statement that describes what your ideal life looks like. Now this might feel really cringy and strange to do but say ‘fuck it’ and go crazy with what you want. The pure act of creating a vision statement for your life will increase your chances of succeeding and obtaining that goal.

If all you do is this exercise, you will likely see some benefits, as your vision will stick in the back of your mind and you’ll subconsciously work towards it.

Remember you are more likely to succeed with a vision statement than without one, so get it to!

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