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      Featured Motivational Blog Posts

      How to Use Time More Wisely to Achieve your Goals!

      How to Use Time More Wisely to Achieve your Goals!

      Around 90% of people fail to reach their goals. Wouldn’t it be nice to know how NOT to fail at achieveing your goals? Below are 4 of my top tips for achieveing your goals by making more TIME for your goals!
      Now before I get started on some of my top tips for achieveing your goals through effective time management its important to ensure that your goals are set properly.
      Setting Your Goals Properly
      In my personal opinion there is no right or wrong way to set goals however some methods of setting goals are 10x more achieveable than other ways. For example if you set your goal completely wrong, you will fall off track and you will be that 90% that fails to achieve that goal!
      One of the best ways to set goals are using the SMART goal method of setting goals. Click this link to find out more about setting your goals in this way or visit one of our blogposts on the subject.
      So lets get into my top tips for making more time for your goals!
      1. Be A Morning Bird
      This has got to be my top tip. In my opinion it is the most valuable tip you can implement into your life. By getting up an hour to 90 minutes earlier then you give yourself more time to work on your goals.
      Not only does this give you more time but in the mornings you will be less interptued by your phone or people instead you will give yourself undistracted time to work on your goals.
      Waking up early and working on your goals is one of the best ways to set your focus for your day and motivate you to achieve your goal.
      2. Learn When Your Communiting
      I always use the time when I’m communiting to work or walking to the gym or sitting on a bus to learn, to brainstorm and to read. For example even if your driving to work you can download some books from audible and listen to self-development books or books in the area oyur goal is in. If your goal is to learn a new laungage you could listen to a learning tape on your phone whilst walking to the gym.
      Really try and find unused time where you could squeeze in a little bit of time to work on yourself and become better at achieving your goals!
      3. Identify How You Spend Your Week
      For 7 days really try and audit how you spend your day to day life. Keep track in a journal all the tasks and things you do during the day. This is a perfect way to identify how long you spend scrolling through social media on your phone or how long you spend watching TV. It allows you to identify time that you waste during your day. At the end of tracking your week, add up any unused or wasted time and determine how you can better utilise those minutes or hours!
      4. Become A Scheduling Goddess
      One of the best ways to ensure that you have time to complete a certain goal is to work how much time every day or every week you need to spend on that goal. Then schedule in a section of your day that you will focus purely on that goal. This will allow you to have a solid agreement with yourself on a certain time that you will work on that goal.
      So that’s just a handful of tips on how you can use time more wisely to achieve your goals! If you have any pieces of advice or further thoughts, please leave a comment below!

      How to say Fuck it to Inner Doubt

      How to say Fuck it to Inner Doubt

      For years I struggled with self-doubt. I let it chase me into a cycle of anxiety and depression and allows it to define who I was and my abilities.
      I see so many young girls really deflating their potential by what their inner voice dictates to them and so today’s post is going to be about how to say fuck it to inner doubt.
      So here are some of my quick-fire tips for getting rid of self-doubt.
      Notice When You Begin Overthinking
      Ever been feeling really good about life and one email or little comment sends you straight into the depths of your mind? Sometimes when we are posed with a problem, a new opportunity or a new situation we overthink. We think about all the reasons why we aren’t good enough for this new thing and all the reasons why it might not work out and fail.
      Overthinking is the killer of dreams. It leaves you in a state of very unrealistic thinking due to the unpredictability of the future.
      You need to accept that the future is uncertain, you need to accept that you don’t know how a specific situation will work out. You have to releasee problems and let them go instead of constantly trying to overthink your way into a state of frustration. Too many people overthink, and it leads to no solution for problems.
      So, my advice to you, is to notice when you are overthinking and begin to actively let go of the problem or thought by thinking of solutions and reasons why it could go well.
      Act Like You Got It All Together
      Sometimes inner doubt creeps up on us not because we lack in our abilities and skills but that we lack in confidence. If you are experiencing a lot of self-doubt, then you sure as hell need a confident boost. If you regard yourself as weak and not capable enough then you subject yourself to that way of thinking.
      You may be afraid to pursue something because you fear that you are under-qualified or that you lack the skills. However, if you can try and change your thinking by telling yourself that you are confident and self-assured you begin to mould yourself into a person who is confident.
      To put it simpler, confidence isn’t real, it’s not something we were just born with. Confidence is a mental state of mind that we choose to be part of us or not. So, notice if you’ve been choosing confidence or shyness, try and uncover what you have been identifying yourself with that has left you doubting yourself. Turning confidence into a habit is a long process but if you believe you lack the confidence to achieve your dreams then make it a priority to work hard on becoming the confident person you know you are deep inside.
      Quit Thinking About What Others May Think
      We constantly worry about how others will view us if we make a mistake or if we take on a new opportunity. We constantly hold ourselves to how others view us and let other people’s opinions shape our skills and abilities.
      The truth is, no one really knows you. No one really knows your capabilities only you do. At the end of the day people will always judge in one form of another and there is no way to make everyone happy. So, you need to break out of living for everyone else’s perception of you and live out who you want to be. If people support your decisions, it’s because value you and they want you to succeed. However, a majority of people who don’t support others or want others to fail are people who are too afraid to fail themselves. At the end of the day no one really knows what the fuck they are doing, and opinions are simple opinions and nothing more, unless we allow them to be. So quit thinking about what others think of you and begin to create and become the best version of yourself.
      Don't Entertain the Fears
      Uncertainty of the future breeds fear and it’s up to you whether you entertain that fear or accept that you can’t control everything. We all worry, we all fret over trivial situations to the brink of insanity and we all avoid finding solutions to our fears and instead we allow our fear to become us.
      The inner voice that dictates your thoughts and feelings always creep up when we are feeling the most confident in our life and leave us doubting our ability to pursue opportunities.
      You have to accept that you can’t control everything in life, you can’t plan your entire life to the T, you can only plan your life to an extent and the rest is uncertain. You have to stop buying the stories that you can completely control your life because you can’t control other people, you can’t control how others want to think about you, you can’t control the traffic to work that makes you late, just like you can’t control the outcome of every situation. So, accept the uncertainty and allow yourself to loosen the reigns on your life.
      So that’s just a handful of thoughts for helping relieve your mind of self-doubt. If you have any pieces of advice or further thoughts, please leave a comment below!
      For more blogs and tips visit the rest of Motivate X Coaching’s blog and check out some of our free eBooks!

      Tips for Waking up Early & Smashing Goals

      Tips for Waking up Early & Smashing Goals

      Tips for Waking up Early & Smashing Goals
      Your morning routine is everything. Not only does it set your day, but it has the ability to add value to your day. Before I started getting up early at 5am, I was a 7am kind of person. 7am hustle, 7am rush make breakfast and jump out of the door whilst brushing my hair.
      Now I’m a 5am songbird with a passion for using the first 90 minutes of my day to my advantage.
      Reasons why you should wake up early:
      1. Clarity. When everyone else is asleep or just waking up, I am setting the tone for my day without any distractions. No emails buzzing, no rushing around the house leaving myself flustered. I wake up clear with the first 90 minutes of my day ahead of me to do something amazing with!
      2. More time for doing yoga and going to the gym! Plus, the Gym is empty in the morning, so you can throw yourself around and try all those new gym workouts you were too embarrassed to do in front of people!
      3. Time to plan your day out effectively
      4. Work on things that have been weighing on your mind
      5. Get ready and have breakfast peacefully with more time to actually ENJOY getting ready in the morning.
      Now I’m not going to lie. Waking up at 5am is sometimes the hardest thing to do but once you get into the routine of waking up at 5am you’ll find each day easier and easier!
      Here are some of my top tips for waking up earlier:
      Going to bed half an hour - one hour earlier has its benefits. Decide what time you want to wake up and work out your optimum amount of sleep. However, this won’t help you get up any earlier unless you have some other things enforced because the temptation to sleep In longer will always try and take you!
      By having an effective to do list / plan for the next day all aligned around waking up earlier will help motivate you to get up earlier. When you wake up you’ll have a plan for your day and will spend less time zombie-ing around and looking for the next thing to do!
      When I started waking up earlier I got into the routine of challenging myself to wake up 5 minutes earlier each week. This helps your body slowly get used to the earlier wake up times and in one month’s time you’ll be waking up 20 minutes earlier! The process is slow so be patient, there will be days where you fail to wake up earlier but don’t let that demotivate you, you will get there if you really want to!
      One effective way of waking up earlier is to find other people that want to do the same thing. Message each other the moment you wake up. This helps to create accountability and motivates you. One effective way is to set challenges with your friend, for example whoever wakes up first the most each week wins a round of drinks brought for them at pub! Competition can be a really healthy way of helping you reach your dreams.
      Set up your bedroom for your early start. Have the clothes for the next day lined up waiting for you. Have all the things you want to get done first things out and set up on your table in the kitchen.
      For example:
      • Choose your clothes for the next day and put them out ready for the morning
      • Put your alarm clock across the room so you have to get up to turn it off.
      • Have your slippers ready beside the bed
      So that’s just a handful of tips for why you should wake up earlier and how to wake up earlier. If you have any pieces of advice or further thoughts, please leave a comment below!

      5 Tips for Living a More Positive Life

      5 Tips for Living a More Positive Life

      We’ve all been there. We’ve all been in a shit mood and made drastic decisions and think everything in our life is falling apart. Changing our perspective in these situations can be extremely difficult and being told to just ‘lighten up’ can actually fuel our negativity further. Yet we must understand that having a positive attitude in life will give us a better internal and external world as an opposed to seeing the bad in everything.
      So that being said we must work every day to focus on positive thinking because it is the only way that we can truly live our life to the fullest and with purpose.
      Here are some of my tips for living a more positive life:
      1. Gratitude!
      Sometimes when we are down in the dumps we ignore all of our blessings and choose to focus on ‘lack’. What we focus on with continue to manifest until we change our thoughts. By concentrating on all your blessings, you can really begin to appreciate the life around you and all the good positive things in your life!
      Just by taking a time out and giving ourselves a notepad and pen and writing down all our blessings we can immediately brighten our mood and think more positivity.
      There is so much for you to be grateful for! Having food, a bed, shelter, having running water or even having time to chill. Everything is a blessing if we choose to see it that way.
      Sometimes we don’t see how lucky we truly are to even be given the opportunity to live!
      So, start each morning with naming 10 of your blessings whilst walking around your bedroom or commuting to work. See how dramatically your day improves and how much more positive you feel!
      1. Surround Yourself With People Who Are Positive
      Ever heard the saying that you are the 3 people you spend the most time with? You need to evaluate who you are surrounding yourself with, are you surrounding yourself with negative people? Or are you choosing to surround yourself with people who talk about all the positive things in life?
      Aim to always be around people who love you and support you and learn to cut out people who feed off of negativity and misfortunate. There’s no need to have that in your life!
      3. Practice Mindfulness
      Sometimes we become so caught up in all our chores and responsibilities that we forget to take time to present. Mindfulness is the practice of attaining stillness in our minds and observing our thoughts and emotions with complete awareness, non-judgement and objectivity. By doing this you centre in on the World around you and tune in on what is going on currently. By separating yourself from your thoughts and emotions you can better manage stresses and negative thoughts and feelings in your life. You can begin to tune into everything that’s positive by refusing to entertain thoughts and feelings that don’t give you a positive mindset.
      4. Let Go Of Everything That Doesn’t Serve You
      So many people hold onto things because they believe they need its stability and security. When we hold grudges and continue to hold negative feelings towards other people, the toxins only affect us. We leave ourselves in a very vulnerable negative state of mind. Learning to forgive others can be a difficult process but learning to let go and choosing to focus solely on the positive in someone can dramatically change your perspective to a lot of similar situations in life.
      At the end of it all, everyone just wants to be loved. So, learn to let go of past resentment and love them!
      5. Stop Letting Worry Rule You
      A lot of people feed there worrying about the future and end up feeling anxious about every uncertain situation that comes into their life. We have to accept that we cannot control the future and that worrying about the future does nothing, it just wastes time we could be spent living or being positive. Worrying prevents us from living in the present moment. So, write out a list of possible solutions for future situations are worrying you and decide whether your fears are rational or not.
      Remember, what will be will be. We can’t control the future.
      6. Stop Letting The Past Define You!
      The past is the past for a reason. Stop assisting with bad feelings, situations and experiences from the past and begin to concentrate on the now. You can’t live in the past and focusing on the past only brings more resentment and negativity into your present world!
      7. Stop Comparing Your Life To Others
      One of the biggest ways to make you feel shit about your life is to compare yourself to others. Social media has made it even easier to compare our lives and it’s also made it even easier to fake an amazing happy life that looks like a staged picture!
      Everyone is different for a reason. You will never be anyone else but you. By comparing yourself to others it stops you from appreciating your own life and drives gratitude away from your World. Only you are responsible of your life so take control make the changes you want to change and become someone that doesn’t have to compare their life to others because you live a positive life.

      How To Become The Best Version Of Yourself

      How To Become The Best Version Of Yourself

      Opening Thoughts:

      Choose to be the best version of yourself every day. Strive to continually improve, learn, be open and focus on truly appreciating everything around you.

      Becoming the best version of yourself is essentially a continual journey of learning each day and making progress to always do better than yesterday.

      In life there are multiple areas in which we need to keep balanced and progress in. A majority of people only concentrate on a few areas of their life which can have benefits but often leaves people feeling very unbalanced. In order to be the best version of yourself, it is important to focus on each area of your life.

      Here are some of the areas of your life you should seek to be the best version of yourself in:

      • Body

      • Mind & Emotions

      • Relationships

      • Professional Life

      • Personal Life

      Below are some of the rules I live by in order to allow myself to continue to develop into a better person each and every day.

      1. Your Body is Your Temple!

      Ever heard the quote, ‘you are what you eat’? Well, your body is a direct reflection of everything you fuel your body with and how you take care of your body! Your body is this amazing vehicle that allows you to experience life and so many of us abuse our beautiful temple and expect it to still show up for us.

      How can you take care of your body?

      A Balanced Diet: your body burns energy from food which you use as energy to live. What you put into your body, you get out! So, if you put good healthy, nutritious foods into your body you’ll get a lot of healthy vibrant energy to live with!

      Exercise: By exercising your body for at least 20 minutes per day you increase your overall quality of life. Exercising helps our bodies to fight a lot of diseases and keeps up in a healthy state! Start by creating an exercise routine of working out around 3-4 times a week and add daily walks or yoga into your life!

      Nurturing your body: Take care of your body, moisturise, sleep enough, relax when your stressed and giving your body a bit of TLC will give your body some appreciation for everything it does for you!

      2. The Mind is Everything!

      It is extremely important to take care of your mind to allow yourself to be emotionally balanced. Some of my top tips for creating stillness in your body and better allowing management of emotions are:

      Meditate for 10 minutes every day and see the benefits!

      • Limit the amount of time you spend on social media or watching TV instead feed your mind with enriching activities such as reading!

      • Moving Meditation, also known as Yoga can help you facilitate the connection between your body and mind.

      • Identify all the limitations within your mind and identify any negative self-beliefs and emotions that need to be managed.

      • Become aware of your emotions with practicing mindfulness

      3. Relationships & Social Life

      As humans we are social animals and we need deep connections to feel good and share life experiences and knowledge. However sometimes we find ourselves in toxic relationships, where another person or group of people can bring us down and leave us feeling inferior. It is important to really assess your relationships and identify whether they are benefiting your life positively or dragging you down.

      It is important also to make sure that you are giving enough in relationships. By giving more to people not only do you feel a sense of fulfilment but our relationships with people become more meaningful and deeper. The people who are closest to us need to be a symbol of love and support within our life’s, so it’s important to nurture the people that nurture you. At the end of it all we only receive the love that we gave.

      4. Stop the Fear of Failure and Success!

      Do you worry about the future and worry about failing and not living up to that grand vision in life? Do you find yourself worrying when life is on the up, worrying that everything will crumble? This fear of failure and fear of success relationship is something that haunts a lot of extremely talented people and holds them back from achieving their full potential.

      It’s completely natural.

      People are afraid of success for so many reasons and a majority of the time this is people they don’t feel as if they DESERVE success and that they aren’t capable of sustaining success.

      You have to understand that you can’t control the outcome of every situation, but you can control how you react to situations. Take time to really allow yourself to enjoy every up and down of life and teach yourself to love and appreciate your life regardless of whether it is considered a success or not. Learn to live without needing to succeed and you will find that you feel a lot different about success and failure!

      Summed up, stop overthinking and over analysing every situation and every fear. Accept the things you can’t control and understand that worrying over uncertainties will never create a solution or make the future more certain!

      5. Live for Yourself & No One Else

      Stop people pleasing! Stop criticizing and judging yourself and others. You can’t make everyone happy in life. You were not born to be confined to people’s expectations and opinions of you. You were born to be authentically you and not listen to what others think.

      At the end of the day, it is your life, your responsibility. No one can hand you happiness, no one can hand you success ONLY YOU.

      So, stop living to please others and please yourself because at the end of it all, you are all you got, you are the only person you are born with and die with! However this works vice versa, don’t criticise others or judge their journey because you never truly know a person unless they walk in your shoes. Just give people love and compassion because everyone wants to be loved!

      By Anonymous

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